Radicalising Your Exposure and Getting the Connection to the Buyer You Need!

Tellsell™ was born to achieve a simple goal, to give owners of high-end assets the opportunity to reach the buyer who will pay more, faster. The person who will fall in love with what you have to sell. Tellsell allows you to properly market your asset of value in an online world, to promote that asset above the noise and clutter of standard online advertising that exists today, and in a cost effective manner. The result gives you maximum exposure to potential buyers.

If you, like our founder & CEO, are frustrated with the unexplained costs and limitations of standard advertising methods, then Tellsell™ is for you. Got that 'trapped' feeling with no sale in sight..?...turn to tellsell™.

Now, it is time for your story. Book your own beautiful web page now and explode your exposure and the value of your asset! The advantage of Tellsell™ is that we take your scribbled back of the envelope notes or voice recording and turn that into great copy that will delight that buyer you are targeting.

What do I need to do now?

Head over to the tellsell.net/register page. Once you have registered and paid the one-off fee, we will send you a link with a list of required material and an upload button. From there you only need to wait 48-72 hrs for your High-end asset to really get the notice it needs. It really is that easy.

Who is Tellsell?

Based in the sunny (or cloudy, depending on the time of the day) state of Victoria, Australia, Tellsell is powered by digital marketing experts, online security gurus, website coders, graphic designers and other passionate persons who love the world of online selling. Our team of experts are based in different locations around the globe, from Melbourne to Manchester (UK), to Mumbai, with a central operations and sales office in Bendigo, Victoria - best known for its incredibly rich gold heritage and vibrant cafe culture today.