Frequently Asked Questions and more..

We help the owners of luxury, rare or high-end properties, collectables, vehicles and other goods achieve their desired sale price as quickly and efficiently as possible by providing a premium but disruptive method of online promotion. We make the best connection with the buyer you need, today. Get air time!
Ok. Let’s say you have a Ferrari F50 lovingly cared for and garaged in New York or Sydney, that you need to sell. You register with Tell Sell, and then submit (via a secure upload link that will be sent to you) your photos and videos (by self or professional), with a brief text description and history. (There will be 6 questions to answer). From there, we will craft a web-page dedicated to that car with a URL such as www.ferrariF50nyc. com. We will then launch a custom ‘adwords’ campaign so that when a potential buyer for a Ferrari F50, in New York, searches a variety of terms about the car, he will immediately be presented with an ad linking him directly to your web-page. From there secure communication can be started. The same process applies to property, boats, and anything else you can think of.

We partner with anyone who understands the modern beast that is the internet and why 81% of all purchasers are educating themselves and making their own searches for what they want; via google, bing, yahoo and any other search engine platform you can think of.

Typically this will be high-end vendors. 

When you partner with Tell Sell you get the most modern, efficient, effective and up-to-date method of reaching the very buyer who is searching for you have – now. He or she is online NOW and you need to make the connection with your story and your own space - online.

A buyer is looking for what you have right now and traditional advertising methods don’t cut it today in the high-end market. Your buyer needs an experience that only Tell Sell can give them.

Yes it works. We've done it ourselves and we've done it for many.

Only Tell Sell will craft a web presence for your asset that then is linked to persons making searches online for what you have.

You register at, where you are asked to confirm your name and contact email, from there you will be asked to pay the relevant fee securely via PayPal, and from there you will receive an email with a list of basic requirements. That is information that you need to give to us so we can start selling for you.

Yes, you should still engage a contracts lawyer or surveyor or other such legal entity as you see fit; to ensure an appropriate contract of sale can be signed by both parties. Agents?  Well, they can be used but in our experience once the connection with the buyer has been made, on a personal level, then all that is needed are some good contracts. Not having to pay an agents fee could save you thousands of dollars. 

There is a one-off fixed price of AUD $3,995.00. This represents stunning value particularly if agents fees and commissions are excluded from the sale of your asset. This price is set to be attractive but realistic to ensure there is no compromise in presentation, promotion and site maintenance. 

The answer is quite simple - the cost to us is immediate and to turn around your Tell Sell moment so quickly means our staff remuneration method of project by project means we pay as nearly as fast as you do!

Spending 15 minutes answering the questionnaire and uploading the necessary files and that is it. We suggest you delegate it to another member of the family or friends if IT is just not your thing. We get that.

From receipt of required information from you, please allow 48-72 hours before launch and internet propagation of our clever campaign to hunt out the buyer that's waiting for what you have to sell...